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Mavis Campbell

Principal Solicitor

Our Principal Solicitor, Mavis Campbell, has worked within the mental health law field for over 20 years and qualified as a Solicitor in July 2000. She is the sole director of the firm and specialises in mental health and human rights law as it relates to the detention
of patients in secure hospital. She represents a wide range of patients across the hospital estate, with a primary focus on complex restricted cases.  She also regularly represents vulnerable patients (
children, patients who lack capacity and patients with learning disabilities).  Mavis is an experienced advocate and has been a Member of the Law Society’s specialist Mental Health Accreditation Panel since 2003.


Mavis has diverse prior experience in a number
of other areas of social welfare law, including immigration, community care, housing and crime, along with many years experience as a supervising solicitor. She continues to represent a large number
of mentally disordered offenders detained in various levels of secure hospitals, taking forward cases ranging from Tribunals to Judicial Review, as well as other areas such as complaints. Mavis has a varied caseload and has 
represented a significant number of high profile clients in the past.


Mavis's extensive experience has been gained working across both legal and psychiatric disciplines. Prior
to training as a lawyer, she worked
for three years 
as a researcher within the Forensic Psychiatry Department at St. George's Hospital Medical School. She also subsequently became a Lecturer and Examiner on the Post-Graduate Multi-Disciplinary Diploma in Forensic Mental Health run by that university, and has experience of training on various aspects of related law in other arenas. Mavis is a former Member of the Law Society’s Mental Health & Disability Committee on which she served for several years and has been an Assessor on the Law Society's Mental Health Accreditation Scheme
since 2012.   In 2020 
Mavis was appointed as a Fee-Paid Tribunal Judge in the First-Tier Tribunal (Health Education Social Care Chamber) Mental Health.

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