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At MCK Solicitors Ltd our team of mental health solicitors have over 20 years of respective experience of representing clients subject to civil and forensic sections of the Mental Health Act 1983. We are all Members of the Law Society’s Mental Health Tribunal Panel and experienced trainers within the mental health field. We can take forward challenges where your rights have been breached and represent you at your hearings, as well as write correspondence on your behalf to those involved in your care to help progress and improve your situation.  

Mental Health

We can help if: 

  • You have been detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 under s.2, 3, 37, 37/41, 41(5), 45A, 47, 47/49 or 48 and you want to challenge your detention in hospital.

  • You have agreed to stay informally in hospital and want some advice about your rights.

  • You have you been treated unfairly while in hospital and wish to complain, including where there has been a legitimate breach of your human rights.

  • There is legitimate evidence that you have been unlawfully detained in hospital

  • You are detained in hospital, but have been unable to access the correct treatment.

  • Your relative has been detained and you want some advice.

  • You are in prison and need help accessing mental health treatment in hospital.

  • You are living in the community under a Community Treatment Order (s.17A) or conditional discharge and need advice or help.

  • You have been unable to secure mental health support or treatment in the community after leaving hospital or prison.

  • You believe you are about to be detained in hospital and would like some advice.

  • You have been detained in hospital and feel your voice is not being heard.

  • A patient who lacks capacity needs help with a Mental Health Tribunal.

We represent patients, transferred prisoners detained in hospital and those admitted informally to hospital. We also represent former patients living in the community who are under Community Treatment Orders or conditional discharge, as well as those experiencing difficulty accessing aftercare entitlement. Additionally, we provide a service to Nearest Relatives, including advising about applications and other issues relating to the detention of their relatives and representing at hearings.


In most cases, you will be entitled to free legal advice for your matter. Our help ranges from general advice and assistance regarding problems encountered in hospital to full representation at Tribunal and Hospital Managers Hearings, helping with formal complaints, attending CPA and pre-discharge meetings and advising on appeals, judicial review, habeas corpus and nearest relative displacement proceedings.


MCK Solicitors Ltd is authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and contracted with the Legal Aid Agency to provide advice and representation in mental health law.


For more advice regarding detention under the Mental Health Act 1983 and Tribunals, please click here.


If you or someone you know would like our help, just drop us an email on the link below and one of our team will get in touch shortly.

Expertise at your fingertips

Or contact us on 020  3761 3550


Expertise at your fingertips

We are proud to hold the Specialist Quality Mark and are contracted with the Legal Aid Agency

MCK Solicitors Ltd is registered in England No. 09720371 and is authorised and regulated by Solicitors Regulation Authority 624080

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